From Left: Jane Kallir Drawing number 1433, The Truth Unveiled; photograph of Egon Schiele, 1909, and Jane Kallir Painting number 212


Egon Schiele Online is based on Jane Kallir’s catalogue raisonné Egon Schiele: The Complete Works (published in 1990 and expanded in 1998). Like the print editions, Egon Schiele Online comprehensively documents the artist’s paintings, drawings and watercolors,1 sketchbooks, graphics, and sculptures. Works within each of the five categories are numbered sequentially, starting from one; numbers in cross-references are preceded by a “P” for paintings, “D” for drawings and watercolors, “Sk” for sketchbooks, “G” for graphics, or “S” for sculptures. Artworks authenticated since the 1990 publication have been given numbers and letters (a, b, c, etc.) that place the works logically within the original sequence. Retaining the 1990 sequence makes it possible to search by numbers that have since become embedded in the literature and to avoid the confusion that would result if all the works were renumbered every time an additional item was authenticated.

As of its initial launch date in 2018, Egon Schiele Online includes entries for Schiele’s paintings, sketchbooks, graphics and sculptures. Entries for the watercolors and drawings are currently being edited. All online entries have been updated to include artworks authenticated since the last print edition, as well as updates of the bibliographical, exhibition and auction histories for every work. Further updates will be made on a regular basis. Egon Schiele Online will eventually be expanded to include advanced searches and sorts, links to ancillary documents and images, and more detailed provenance information, especially as regards collectors persecuted during the Holocaust.

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1 As is common practice in the Schiele literature, the term “watercolor” is here used generically to describe any work executed with water-based paint, including gouache. Technically speaking, most of Schiele’s watercolors are colored drawings.